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Clareity Symposium 2015

The 8th “Clareity Symposium” was held on Thursday the 12th of March 2015 in the Gillespie Conference Centre, Memorial Court. It was a great day with a diverse range of talks ranging from art history to biology from undergraduates, graduates, CRAs and fellows of Clare College. Furthermore, Dr Phil Jones gave a brilliant keynote lecture about his work on skin cancer.

There was a great turn-out throughout the day, both after the talks and over tea and lunch and the day was finished off with a special three-course dinner in small hall for all the speakers, chairs and organisers of Clareity.

Congratulations to Christian Hampel who won the first price for his great talk on the comeback of polaroids!

Click here to see the full programme of the symposium. Thanks to Jolle Jolles and Quentin Gouil for the selection of photos seen below.

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