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Clareity Great books

patriciaDuring Lent Term Clare holds an exciting lecture series called Clareity Great Books, organised by Clare Senior Tutor Dr Patricia Fara. This is a great opportunity for all members of the college to delve into some of the most famous books from all over the world and throughout history.

The eight Great Books Lectures are held on Thursday evening every week during the Lent Term. For each one, a fellow talks for about 50 minutes on a Great Book connected with his or her subject, and then answers questions; afterwards, the audience and the speaker meet over drinks to discuss their ideas.

The eight Great Books cover the whole range of disciplines, and the lectures are designed to interest specialists in the field as well as newcomers. Every member of Clare is warmly encouraged to attend, including staff and alumni as well as current students and fellows.

The talks will be held in the Riley Lecture theatre at 7.30 on Thursdays, so that they lead up naturally to the Clareity Symposium on Thursday 10th March. Drinks will be served afterwards, and EVERYBODY (including friends and relatives) is warmly invited to come.

For details  of The Great Books series, see the Great Books Schedule  or go to the Schedule page for the full schedule of Clareity events.