Fruitful discussions and sharing ideas at Clare College, Cambridge

About Clareity

Clareity brings together several academic events organized at Clare College with the goal of providing an informal opportunity for all members of the Clare community to exchange ideas and learn about the latest research being carried out by Clare College members.

Clareity was founded in the autumn of 2013 and was the brainchild of Clare Senior Tutor Dr Patricia Fara and Clare MCR GRF officer Jolle Jolles. They created this new umbrella structure to further improve the interaction between all members of Clare College and combine the various talk series that previously existed. After successfully integrating the MCR GRF evenings as the events series called Clareity Matters, soon the Clare Dilettante Society and the College Research Associates (CRA) joined under the umbrella of Clareity. Read more about the Clareity Matters evenings and click here to see a list of past events.

In addition to these three varied talk series there are the wonderful Clareity Great Books talks, organised by Clare Senior Tutor Dr Patricia Fara. Every week in the Lent Term, a Clare College fellow discusses a famous book. Read more about it and see the full programme here.

Finally, Clareity hosts an annual Symposium at the end of Lent term to highlight the work of Clare graduates, faculty, and affiliates. Organized by the Clareity President (who is also a member of the Clare MCR committee), and fully funded by the College, the Symposium is open to all members of Clare. Read more about the Clareity Symposium 2016.

We hope you enjoy Clareity!

Andrés Bustamante
Clareity President
Patricia Fara
Senior Tutor