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‘Confetti’ and Identity Politics

Welcome back! Please join us for the first Clareity of the Lent term! We have two great presentations coming up. Former Clareity President Magda Sznurkowska will explore how to track cells in disease and development with ‘confetti’ lineage tracing, and Parvathi Subbiah will discuss her research on the intersections of racial Indentity and political legitimacy in Venezuela. As always pizza, snacks, wine, and other drinks provided! (Abstracts below)
‘How to track cells in disease and development with confetti?’
     Genetic lineage tracing is a powerful tool used in the stem cell field of biology to understand the cellular heterogeneity within tumours, and the process of organ formation in the development of embryos. This technique enables the labelling of cells and all their subsequent progeny in a specific colour. In order to achieve this, inducible enzymes (recombinases) and multicolour reporter genetic constructs within cells are used.
     In this talk I will introduce the concept of stem cells and their cell fate decisions. I will then discuss how I used “confetti” lineage tracing, advanced imaging, and other technologies such as single cell sequencing in the context of pancreatic development.
     These techniques enabled us to identify stem cell like cells during pancreas formation and elucidate their relationship with other cellular lineages. The research on pancreas is of significant importance, given the implications of pancreas abnormalities in diseases such as diabetes and cancer.
‘Race and Political Identity in Hugo Chávez’s Venezuela’
Parvathi will speak about the role played by race in Venezuelan politics. Her research looks at specific racial and cultural elements in the political identity of Chavismo that have helped the movement identify with the majority of Venezuelans and will analyse Chávez’s discourse on race to determine the part it played in his election as president. The study hopes to answer if, and if so how, Chávez’s movement made skin colour an important element of political legitimacy and to give a better understanding of how social and racial identities help shape and conform our political identities.
-Andrés Bustamante

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What: Clareity Matters
When: Thursday 2nd February 2017 7pm
Where: Clare College MCR
Who: For everyone that is interested!